Understanding and being understood is the big secret of every good relationship – whether between people, between animals, but also between people and horses.

If we take a sufficient amount of time to truly understand the forms of horses’ communication, we will experience how sustainably and effectively a connected communication can lead you to your goals – and this is a completely peaceful way.

Chi horsing ist therefore not a method to …

… train horses, instead Alexandra König explains in her seminars how horse psychology is related to us humans, how horses try in a childlike way to meet their needs with human help and how they expressed all of this in their body language and their behavior.

Today our own needs are often entrapped and suppressed, and resulting actions are adjusted accordingly to appear friendly. Usually, we are not aware of these mechanisms since we do not allow ourselves to feel true. All requests or demands humans make on horses no longer contain any powerful energy that the horse could feel, which in turn could actually bring human and horse together on all levels of will, thought, word and deed.

But this is exactly the clarity the horse needs in its language to understand us. A “flood of unimportant things” in our heads (depending on how we celebrate these insignificant things in everyday life) and accordingly confused, our unconscious body movements cause the horse to stop paying attention or even react to us quickly. A horse would go crazy with our chaos of thoughts.

An indifferent horse is then gladly held in a riding arena on halter and rope, and first, it has to be specially trained to react again to specific signals a person. Other horses are chased to work out excess energy and to get their attention.

Still, other horses react so sensitively to the energies and movements of humans that they want to get away from them.

These are all possible approaches – more or less violent – but they are not necessary at all if we understand which messages of our behavior are important for our horses so that can follow us gladly.

How often do children wish that their parents understand them better, while their parents try to adapt their behavior to the system in which they themselves have to function.

The horse feels the same way.

Throughout the entire world, we are witnessing a profound change. This, however, opens opportunities to make new decisions about how we want to live on. And it is the same for both the way we handle horses and how we want to live our lives. Do we want to continue to stay in familiar and seemingly safe, but perhaps unhappy relationships and jobs? Or do we risk new ways and open ourselves for more education and knowledge, e.g. how non-violent communication works, which preparations are necessary to be no longer lived only from the outside and always to have to say “yes” because we lack the vocabulary to express ourselves differently…?

Those who want to improve their quality of life are faced with many new decisions. Chi horsing helps people in these decisions.

Which direction do you want to go?

Are you looking for the show or sensation? Are you looking for the loud world, admiration and recognition? Or do you prefer silence and nature? Do you want adrenaline kicks and danger or peace? Do you want fun, or do you prefer deep joy?

This is what we need to find out and then, in a second step, find out which paths lead us where.

Training methods with artificial dominance or demonstrations of power lead quickly and effectively to well-behaved, mostly well-functioning horses which can be easily handled by everyone. Show and fun for humans are guaranteed here. Just allow that the liveliness and joy of your horse exist just as you experience it. If your horse goes along with everything without much resistance, then this is surely the right way for you.

However, if you never really feel comfortable training your horse with methods and dressage work because you have the feeling that your horse doesn’t like all this, then perhaps Chi horsing appeals to you more.

Chi horsing does not make a functioning horse at first. Chi horsing makes horses strong, self-confident and lively. Horses voluntarily follow only one order, the order of the laws of nature:

Although this also includes the principle of submission, high-ranking and self-confident horses always have wise leadership concepts.

A still wild or untouched horse is communicative and quickly turns away from those who want too much at once or who do not communicate. A lively horse cannot simply be passed on at will. It is not conditioned and therefore, always demands a lively and communicative horse person. But that does not mean that it is dangerous. It only becomes dangerous when an unconscious person wants to empower such a self-confident horse by obedience artificially.

One must become calm and silent, and learn to listen if one wants to understand horse language. And therefore the path with chi horsing first of all asks to abstain from things to which the horse may say NO currently. It takes modesty, humility and a healthy ability to reflect to make children or adults aware that overcoming a constrained horse cannot develop a life-affirming relationship and thus growth that leads to an improvement of one’s own situation.

One should have the courage to feel again and open oneself for one’s own needs and those of other people. The reward is a horse that always only wants to connect with you so that it to feel and can enter into a healing and life-affirming relationship with you.

Alexandra König’s students always admired her horses for their fine and quick response to any of her movements and all the needs of a mindful person. How motivated her horses are to always seek contact without training and to orientate themselves in any terrain only to the competent and horse-language speaking person – without any preparation through calmness training etc.

It is critical to decide in advance what we want. Everybody feels this differently, and for everybody, there are proposals to reach their goals.

What am I to expect first with chi horsing?

Alexandra König analyses a horse’s behavior relating to “its human” and thus helping every horse owner to better understand the origin and the impacts of their emissive energy on their own lives.

In class, she exemplifies answer on how to use this valuable knowledge of your horse to experience and change the effectiveness of your own energy in self-training with the help of your horse. With your horse as a medium, you will always have a highly Intelligent, natural, non-judgmental and undiscriminating master of communication at your side, who will show you immediately and precisely with every reaction how you consciously or unconsciously shape your life through your actions.

You will get to know yourself and your own path faster.

At your own personal speed, chi horsing not only improves your relationship with your horse by learning to communicate with it correctly but also develops a powerful awareness of your own goals in life.

Chi horsing is NOT Natural Horsemanship and NO method!

Many people who come to the Saliho School think or hope that my way of horse handling is a peacefully developed method or natural horsemanship. We have to disappoint you there.

Even though you see Alexandra König communicating and dancing freely with horses in many YouTube clips, she has never trained or practised this with horses before, as it is usually done in other methods. Her encounters with the horses always result from the momentary communication that the respective horse is currently ready for. Alexandra König does not work with horses using a rope and halter to achieve something specific. She does not condition or train horses because these ways and goals never made them happy and satisfied and were too monotonous and exhausting for them.

Alexandra König is an energy-saving person like the horse. Therefore her handling of horses is like a spiritual discipline and becoming aware of one’s own self. This can neither be achieved with esoteric or extrasensory concepts nor can a horse understand if it only takes place in the mind. Chi horsing is an understanding and communication of natural laws and horse language. It means walking slowly every day, being present and down-to-earth, taking responsibility for our actions and a healthy reflection and being there.

Therefore, the path with chi horsing is a much longer and more complex process until we might reach certain goals with the horses.

It is a way of life that serves recovery and healing.