This Privacy Policy applies to the Saliho School and all Seminars and Product offerd by Alexandra König’s Saliho School. The valued reader acknowledges and agrees that it is his/her own responsibility to regularly review this Private Policy to learn about modifications and updates that may occur at any time without notice.

Students’ personal information will not be sold, traded or rented to others.

Students’ personal information may be collected in a variety of ways. This includes, though is not limited to, information collected when contacting the Saliho School, its Owner Alexandra König, or any employee, when subscribing to our newsletter, or when requesting any services, resources, or features the Saliho School makes available for its students.

Students provide their data voluntarily. They may refuse, but in doing so, may prevent engaging with the School in School related activities or buying products/material offered by the Saliho School.

We might also use anonymized data provide e.g. by Google tools like Google Analytics.

The reasons for data collection are:

  • Improving our customer service and responding to our student’s need for help and support.
  • Some services are personalized experiences (e.g. distance video analysis) and need more detailed information to understand how best help the student and his/her horse.
  • Email information is important if the student subscribed to the newsletter. It may also be used to send information pertaining to their order, to respond to any email queries or inquires or any other requests the student made.

You can contact the School and ask in writing for your data to be deleted if you wish to stop your enrollment in the School.