Online Seminar 2 “Advanced Knowledge”

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This online seminar builds on the content of online seminar 1 “Basic Knowledge”.

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Introductory video

  • Our online webinar footage is located on a subpage of our website, to which you will get access once payment is completed. This access has no time restriction, thus you can learn independently according to our own time schedule. This also means you can work with the online webinars for years.

  • Content

    The online seminar consists of footage collected over many years from Alexandra König’s own research and her work with the students of the Saliho School. The leading exercises it contains were developed as a teaching method by Mrs. König and will give you a better understanding of how horses recognize us in all body movements as a personality and thus from their psychological point of view attribute a corresponding “rank” to us. In the leading exercises, all the history and lifestyles of each individual person are revealed. The interpretation of your personal movements with your horse can only be read accurately if you have acquired knowledge of the content of the horse’s psychology. For your personal human-horse analysis you need a high degree of experience in understanding the complex content of the leading exercises. The online seminar offers you here an optimal first introduction for working with your horse at home. To be able to interpret your personal movement sequences correctly, Mrs. König nevertheless recommends that you do a video analysis afterwards or attend a live course. Learning in a group with feedback from Mrs. König is irreplaceable and highly successful for every person.

    Horses have a handful of strategies that they include in their communication to test their owner (of course they use them also in the herd), which they employ time and again for 24 hours to test the rank and presence of their counterpart.

    They have to test this time and again because their survival depends on it. It’s different with horses than with us humans: we learn something once and that is that. But the horse can be weaker today than yesterday and therefore someone else must immediately take care of the group. Who is best suited to do this will be tested time and again.

    In this online seminar, we also discuss the horse’s strategies and how horse employ them. Sandra König’s teaching method clearly point out obstructive life patterns of people: Because to answer these strategies time and again in a non-violent and competent way is the secret of a good relationship between man and horse. Only when the horse experience that we have every answer to its rank tests integrated into our colloquial jargon, will it feel safe with us and also likes to walk with us alone away from the stable and from the herd. Because in this way it recognizes whether its survival is assured or whether you are only pursuing your personal goals.

    Part 1

    Basic knowledge about the psychological importance of the positions when leading a horse; and horse’s permanent communication concerning our body language and chi energy. Explanation of the effect of materials such as lead rope and halter and their effect on the horse. Case studies of unconsciously operative energies of humans on the speed of the horse while leading. Clarification about our personal, “sacred” space, how we protect it and learn to draw a line without violence. Illustration with many video sequences from practical experience.

    Part 2

    Case studies of mirroring destructive inner attitudes and unconscious, often only small body signals in humans – and subsequent, sometimes dangerous, actions of horses. The special importance of body tension, correct posture, comprehensive body awareness and coordination in handling the horse. Illustration with many video sequences from practical experience.

    Part 3

    Beginning of free lunging – and the different meaning of lunging for mares, geldings or stallions, depending on the nature of the horse, and all the requirements for man and horse. Clarification of the effects of materials such as whips and crops. Physical characteristics of suffering horses and how to recognize the consequences of years of wrong and violent handling of horses. Bonus material from practice experience: Hoof treatment on a free horse and what is important if you do not want to condition your horse to beforehand “stand still”. Examples with different horses and typical sources of error when handling them.

  • Total Running Time

    6 Hours, 16 Minutes


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