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With this offer, you obtain our online seminar 1 “Basic Knowledge” and online seminar 2 “Advanced Knowledge” as a package. You save 28,00 Euro compared to single purchases.

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Online Seminar 1 "Basic Knowledge" (For Beginners) [Digital]

All subsequent online seminars build on the online seminar 1 "Basic knowledge".

Online Seminar 2 "Advanced Knowledge" [Digital]

This online seminar builds on the content of online seminar 1 "Basic Knowledge".


  • In the online seminar “Basic Knowledge” you will get an introduction to chi horsing. Alexandra König explains and illustrates here the interrelations of the human psyche, our perception, our individual experiences and projections in life, and how the horse absorbs feelings and emotions in the form of vibrancy, and how this determines its behavior from the horse’s point of view. Understanding the horse’s psyche and elucidating personhood to build the ground is at the forefront here. The differing impressions of man and woman on a horse are shown here. Simultaneously the – as Alexandra calls it – childlike behavior of horses and how horses want to relate to each other is shown.

    In the online seminar 2 “Advanced Knowledge”, all the basics of handling horses are then explained with practical examples. Alexandra’s teaching method enables the horse lover to learn here in form of exercises and explaining our constantly occurring body language, and to guide you to self-management with your horse. The leading of a horse and the beginnings of relationship work, also the first liberty work, is explained here intensively using various horse examples.

  • Total Running Time

    14 Hours, 37 Minutes


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