Healing and meditating with energy is one thing. Energy in motion with the horse is something completely different.

Healing and meditating with energy is one thing. Energy in motion with the horse is something completely different.

Fortunately, more and more horse lovers and horse trainers are developing toward a holistic view of horse behavior concerning mirroring humans, and the use of our energetic abilities is increasing more and more.

Healing through mindfulness and the ability to use our mental level more and more means great peace and thus many changes for all horses and humans. Our present knowledge or rather the rediscovered, ancient knowledge about the natural interaction of cause and effect and the complex energy system of horse-human is now discussed more than ever and spread in numerous articles, contributions and courses – at least in theory.

The practical implementation – from healing and meditating with a horse to the peaceful and non-violent “dance,” only through a deep connection full of peace, and mindfulness, mentally bundled energy in motion – manage only a very few.

Why is that?

The horse is an incorruptible dancer between energy and matter, the power animal between chaos, dignity and pride, the master with an instinctive feeling for everything life-affirming, and who demands full presence from humans, provided he/she is willing to learn: Can we constantly and seamless move back and forth in full presence between the mental connection and the use of our bodies?

In my opinion, it is incredibly difficult. This task demands more than just pure will to do so. It requires us first of all to decide – what is most important to us? To reach a self-chosen goal accurately timed or never to overtax the horse in its needs and willingness, no matter how things go? And no matter how long it will take us until we understand what the horse is really trying to tell us with its life-affirming demands? And If we have now understood our horse, are we willing to follow it on the relentless road to “becoming whole,” so that we can embark on this energetic dance between heaven and earth the horse wants to take us on?

When walking this path, we are not given anything for free for the time being. If you are looking for pleasure without taking the laws of nature seriously and simultaneously trying to approach this path without a positive attitude and humor, it would be hard not to break under these high demands! Because we will fall a hundred times and have to get up a hundred times more.

Therefore, in my opinion, not many people manage to face up to this challenge every day without resorting to traditional methods.

It’s like living as a superstar: Many people may see it as the paradise of it and start with great euphoria and perhaps even have immediate success. But then it usually gets harder, and only a handful are steady, humble and continue through all the hells that will come along before they get anywhere they want to be. And a word of caution to the people who think they arrived and mastered all challenges – the law of energy and eternal change will be taught otherwise.

So, is it pointless?

No, it’s a path of life, a never-ending process of growth. We can only walk it slowly and must no longer take everything – and especially ourselves – so seriously. It will become easier at some point, but when? We need to stop feeling guilty of the past, and we also need to stop putting ourselves under pressure.

On this path, the discipline to exercise ourselves in serenity and joy is essential.

Talking less about others, cleansing our thoughts from all negative influences, practicing a peaceful coexistence with our fellow human beings are from now on are daily imperatives. Mindfulness and the search for peace, silence and nature replace parties and other events for pleasure-seekers. But do we actually want this at all? Is it worth the cost?

Especially today, when many people are stuck in financial debt, illness, problematic relationships, and can barely manage healthy living conditions for themselves, how can one practice serenity and joy?

A concept of how to do this can be found in books like “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. However, only those who really want to change things will succeed in implementing it. The horse recognizes all these concepts of success described in the book by observing a person’s actions taken or not taken. In my seminars, I translate the behavior of my students’ horses and every owner so far confirmed what I see in the behavior of their horses. When people hear what I detect when analyzing videos of them with their horses, they are amazed and also shocked that the horse shows me all this, although I know nothing about them and their lives before. So it is worthwhile to follow the master, our horses, in this way, as I teach it in my school.

With all the effort and because paradise has still not been reached, one sometimes loses oneself in the beautiful land of meditative moments of peace. But mental peace can calm must also be kept in balance with a down-to-earth attitude, matter and real life in the here and now! Because if we do not want to withdraw to a lonely island but still want to keep up with our social systems and the hype of the world, we have to be awake and become masters in self-control and the seeing through lies and deceit.

Growth and more knowledge in the world also mean more manipulation and more misleading. But whoever tackles this path with the horse will become master in recognizing the differences. And that is the reward for our efforts! Because the horse, unless we suppress it and train it to function, will give us clarity about what we need to be conscious of to live well in today’s world.

It is with great joy that I have gotten to know more and more people who have set out to learn and pass on this complex knowledge.

For you to recognize people or horse trainers in your area who are competent in what they offer, we would like to give you this guide to help you decide which points you want to pay attention to when choosing your horse and human coach:

A coach who knows what he can teach shows his work in many video examples with different horses and not just trained horses. In videos and demonstrations, you can see whether their work is really peaceful or saturated with hidden subordination methods previous liberty training.

Flattened ears and swishing tails during horses’ communication with humans are always signs of stress and resistance.

The competent trainer should be able to interpret every small expression in a horse’s body language and to communicate immediately, freely, and peacefully with any foreign horse.

No matter how aggressive a horse might be, it changes its behavior immediately when it recognizes a peaceful leadership concept in the behavior of its counterpart.

The competent trainer must have a lot of experience the most diverse horse personalities.

Beautiful photos are only snapshots and do not show the work of a trainer with a horse while working with energy in motion. Here it is not easy to see whether the coach is truly peacefully handling the horse. In some circumstances, you may be in for a nasty surprise on-site – as many students have told me, who already have had negative experiences with such theorists.

Coaching with horses and how it works efficiently

Horses are very strongly connected to their survival instincts. As a result, they know exactly what serves them or harms them. They live in a social structure in which each member can unfold its character traits and skills, but on the other hand also learns to behave in a way that serves the whole group. We can benefit from this for our personal development: In all our actions, a horse recognizes whether we are acting  with our minds and our bodies in equilibrium or using artificial aids and therefore leaving our own power untouched. However, in order to achieve a truly efficient result in the reflections between human and horse, certain conditions should be met.

Requirements of the horse and the conditions for falsified results

Reflections with a horse function optimally if it belongs to the student or has had no further close relationships with other people for a longer period of time. The more intimate a relationship between horse and human, the more clearly one can see the behaviors that horse reflects for the owner. This also works if the horse has not been educated or has not been trained or conditioned.

A coaching horse must be allowed to express itself freely over a long period of time without needing to be obedient. It then seeks the connection to humans with self-confidence and curiosity and orientates itself to the radiating energy of the human.

This always results in the immediate possibility of communication.

Rather bad conditions for a coaching are given if a horse is constantly ridden by different people or was handled or pulled on a halter. Then the horse tends to be dull toward human behaviors and no longer responds to individual details of the perceived energy that might be important to the student in horse coaching. The results are then only superficial.

The same is true when horses in coaching are repeatedly driven by people with aids (whips, equipment, etc.). Horses are very docile and submissive creatures. Therefore, they set in motion quickly when they are driven by the misuse of tools on their flight instinct. However, this does not result in an efficient reflection of the energetic power and presence of humans, but is only a reflection of how well one can assert himself with pressure.

If such a coaching horse refuses, this would only be the result of permanently dealing with different people. Therefore you can no longer assign the behavior of the horse to the one person who currently has the horse.

Since my goal is always to provide high-quality teaching in my school, I work exclusively with horse owners and after conscientious teaching of the required basic knowledge of body language and horse psychology.

Reflections with the Saliho School horses can only be offered to experienced humans and only in free encounters.

They are self-confident and high in rank and react to the smallest details of antisocial behavior and dominant energies in the auric field of humans. These include lived and suppressed energies, so that the horses might immediately reflect invasive and destructive commands or touching in certain zones in the same way back to the human.

The student must already know the basics of horse psychology and body language otherwise the horse may react negatively to any thoughtless movement and position of the student. In this case, one would receive only improper results. The student should have a strong inner drive to want to have a deeper connection with the horse, otherwise the horse has no interest in a truly voluntary cooperation.