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This introductory online seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to chi horsing with one hour of footage from each of our four online seminars. You can watch several explanatory examples with which you can directly start working with your horse.

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In this introductory online seminar, you get a comprehensive introduction to chi horsing with 1 hour of material from each of our 4 online seminars and see some explanatory examples with which you can directly start working with your horse.

You would like to get deeper insights into chi horsing and watch Alexandra live, how she works with a very high-ranking, dominant and in many ways already damaged, misanthropic horse? With a horse, that can roam freely in the largest space, where it is completely free to do whatever it wants, that still within the first 30 minutes realizes that all of Alexandra’s movements and solutions are life-affirming. That from this moment on, it is only looking for the human being?

Alexandra uses neither dominance nor round-pen work or methods of subordination. She intends to let the horse’s dignity come to the fore again, and the horse recognizes this in every single one of her actions.

Relationship work with the understanding of horse psychology as well as exact body language leads to such quick success if one wants to bring back a horse on the right path, especially psychologically.

  • Here, as well as in all our other online seminars, you can expect exciting and instructive knowledge that goes far beyond any conventional approach to horses: The online seminars provide an understanding of how horses mirror their humans and what horses question in their humans – just because it stems from self-destructive action plans and the horse, with all its resistance, wants to constantly point out this destruction.

    In the introductory online seminar, you can follow exactly how burdened or blunted horses always need psychological and physical resolving of internal blockages to become one hundred percent safe for their humans for the rest of their lives. The effect of energetic healing work, which Alexandra will show here, can only work with horses in the long term if the human being communicates on all levels in the holistic language of the horse.

    You will see Alexandra’s work in the example of the 9-year-old PRE gelding Pablo Picasso, whose owner tried in vain for a year after his import from Spain to correct the horse’s behavior.

    After one could only control him with knot halters and violent methods, which the owner did not want under any circumstances, Alexandra accepted the gelding and brought him back to be a proud horse who is affectionate towards humans.

    This introductory seminar is packed full of problem identification and suggested solutions to show you what kind of connection human and horse are capable of when the focus is on unconditional love and service.

    Of course, this requires a deep understanding of all actions on the part of the human being, which cannot be mentioned in full in this introductory online seminar. But if you would like to handle your horse in this completely non-violent way and understand chi horsing from the bottom up, then you can continue your education after this introductory online seminar with our online seminar 1 “Basic knowledge”, online seminar 2 “Advanced knowledge” and the progressive online seminars 3 and 4.

  • Content

    The introductory online seminar contains of teaching material from the first four Saliho School online seminars. It gives you a cross-section of 30 hours of footage from Alexandra’s work with horses and students of chi horsing, which was collected and specifically compiled by Alexandra König over 10 years. This provides you with a first impression of the comprehensive and fine work with chi horsing.

  • Total running time

    Total running time: 4 Hours

  • Inventive gift idea for all horse lovers

    Give this introductory online seminar as a gift to all your horse-loving friends and acquaintances who are interested in the non-violent handling of animals! It offers every horse owner and horse lover initial practical instructions and provides insights into the basic knowledge of equine psychology and horse language.


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