Impressions / Horse language and the teaching about life

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Testimonals from SALIHO students

Thank you for your feedback!

I somehow did not find the right words when I said goodbye (after the beginners’ seminar) because I have not yet experienced anything comparable. To have insight and knowledge is one thing. To be able to convey these in such a wonderfully clear and compassionate way – that is very rare. I wish that many, many people find their way to you. Not only for the benefit of the horses, but also for the benefit of mankind. For more mindfulness with themselves and with nature.

Katja Rambow

Dear Sandra,

I have thought about you quite often in the last months and now is the time to act …!

I just wanted to let you know that your ‘being with us’ this summer, has triggered a lot inside me and Mirjam.

Almost everything has changed since then!

Both of us, Mirjam and I, have been through radiant-powerful but also dark-painful times processes since then.

Today we are not the same anymore, and we are doing so well. Perhaps my greatest transformation is, that despite the (seeming …!) imperfections of my horse Bonheur (and Poetin), I can see and feel his outer and inner beauty and perfection again! I have found my way back to him, and he to me.

Once again, I have been shown so clearly: If a change happens in me, a change happens in the world!

Sometimes it is very hard work (and I also do not always succeed) putting an end to blaming others, whining, complaining, or being a victim. To really take radical responsibility for my life and my experience seems to be the master exam in my life. But that is where my highest self and my soul want to go, to be the master of me and the life I live.

I simply wanted to thank you for what you have brought and still bring into our lives, for your being as you are and for your tireless service to spread consciousness and allow love!



Denra Dürr

Dear Sandra! May you continue to show many people a good way to be with their horses and a way for their own personal development.
I myself was looking for it at the time. I became aware of you on the Internet. I have read a lot of the literature you recommended. Watched your videos. I wanted to know more about this woman, meet her and was lucky. In 2016 I booked a 6-day seminar with you. So this was the practice. You taught us a lot. Even today, I often read through your course materials.
The past year was a very good yea in being with my horse. I improved my body language. I got feedback from him and his small herd. Practised “letting go.” For once, not deciding every second where to go. Instead, let go and see what happens. A very nice, interesting thing. Especially when I think back to what you get back from the other side. I will continue. Someday I will book an online course with you. There are so many things where I am a bit behind. And you know the answer to many of them.
With these lines, I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to you. Keep up the good work.

Karsten Stäglich

I’m so glad that last winter I had the courage to get in contact with a “strange woman in Bavaria”, “only” to finally get on with my horse. I didn’t expect to learn so much more about myself, apart from the horse-related topics …. Before I contacted you, I was thinking,
“700 km away from me, that is a lot, phew … can this woman really help me with Stepman?” Now I have even participated in the 6-day workshop! I am still very enthusiastic and at the same time very reassured to be on the right path. THANK YOU, SANDRA !!! ☺

The individual coaching has already given me so much, but now, with all the background knowledge from the 6-day workshop and the newly learned way of handling horses, a new world has opened for me. The nice thing, now after the seminar, is also for me to have the feeling that all the necessary questions have been answered and that I can implement everything directly at home! Of course, when I arrived home, I immediately went to see my horse. It was super great to see that he immediately understood that I speak the “horse language” now. Now, it’s about proving to him that I will continue to speak this language and won’t fall into the old rut. But I’m very positive! I have received enough inspiration from you. Your explanations (in theory and practice) have explained the horses so clearly, … that I will probably never see them differently again. What I also think it’s great is that I was lucky to be in a super great group – as different as we all are, we all have the same goal in mind and so the time spent together with you in the 6-day seminar was a particularly wonderful experience for me! A time among like-minded people. We had a lot of fun!!! Your open and honest nature created a great foundation right away. That was pretty impressive. The intense time was also filled with delicious food and great conversation. I deeply enjoyed it!

Stefanie Hegmann

It was a wonderful 6-day workshop in the Bavarian Forest for me. Thank you for this special seminar! The 6 days were intense, warm, incredibly honest and very enriching for the daily interaction between human and horse and between humans. The horses made it clear that a good relationship always requires a good energy connection. It is not possible without it. Without an energetic exchange of information, everything becomes exhausting. With this conscious energy between us, everything becomes obvious and easy.

You have taught us that this “WE”-feeling gives both horse and human the opportunity to grow rather than adapting, bending, fighting or giving up. In your lessons, it has become clear that horses are conscious every second and that they read our energy signals and perceive every tiny body language movement. That makes us more alert and alive. And I want to continue to “train” for myself – because I know, this presence, this love heals everything! It was also important for me to learn with which body movements, thoughts, etc., one can lead and move horses without violence. I wanted to go to a seminar from someone who shows that it is also possible to handle a horse without violence, pressure and punishment. Thank you so much for giving us answers, how this actually works! I think it’s great that you have shown us the related body exercises, for example, to make the pelvis more flexible, which is a topic for many women anyway. It has become clear that we have to come more into our softness to lead well. I can also transfer this to my private relationship. The seminar was topped off by all practical exercises on the horse and also by the observations of the other horses/women. I could take a lot home from these 6 days. Eye-opening is also the distinction of handling a mare or stallion/gelding. It does indeed make a lot of sense, but still, nobody teaches or talks about it.

Nicole Findeisen