Diseases of horses as an outlet

Diseases considered from a metaphysical point of view

If a disease in a horse has become chronic, one should consider looking at it from a metaphysical point of view and examine it accordingly.  Because often enough, ill-health is not caused purely by physical issues. Sometimes the horse’s body also tries to communicate through health problems. At this point, the horse has usually reached or even exceeded an emotional limit, and this shows itself in form of a disease which harms the horse permanently.

A horse is always connected to its owner, as long as it maintains any kind of contact with her/him. Even if the owner does not spend a lot of time with her/his horse, the energy level of “belonging together” is enough for the horse to – kind of – be in sync with its owner. This is part of the social structure of a horse and is used for the survival and reproduction of the herd.

Even with children, dogs, and cats, I could observe this phenomenon over many years. This type of connection is used in the animal world especially for the exchange of information between members of a herd or a “group.”

If an animal respects a person as higher ranking, then it serves the person unconditionally, but not in the sense of “do everything for someone” and not being able to disagree.

The horse serves humans on a physical level by commiserating with its owner’s negative energies and thereby becoming ill. This happens completely unconsciously. But before this process triggers sickness, the horse has tried to show many times and in many ways that something in the energy flow of its owner is wrong. One way for the horse to show this is to resist or to attack. However, if these signs remain ignored, the horse’s emotions seek another outlet and find this in the body in form of illness.

That is why it is so important to understand the psychology of a horse, to be able to read its body language and to act accordingly. After all, a horse is strongly connected to its survival instincts. Thus it can help us, humans, by showing us with its behavior where we have suppressed feelings of some kind and how this is causing harm to ourselves and others.

Coping with abnormal behavior in horses