” (…) What Mrs. König teaches is simply amazing! Never have I experienced a horse trainer who speaks so openly, honestly and politely about the truth. And, above all, gives solutions and all the background information you need. I have found myself in so many of her statements that I sometimes sat there and cried. For me, a new “horse world” has been opened up, the one I have always wanted, to be able to understand horses and to work in pure freedom with them.

Manuela L.

Dear Alexandra König, thank you for the enriching knowledge of your online seminar 1 “Basic Knowledge”. Apart from the fact that I finally understand the difficulties of my gelding and how this relates to me, what you taught me in this online seminar makes me fully rethink my choices. I have started to rebuild everything in my life, both privately and professionally, and my gelding is my coach 🙂 simply wonderful!

Anneliese L.

Thank you very much … very clear and informative and exciting!

Susanne S.

Outstanding work! The online seminar is expertly done, and everything is so wonderfully explained. Now I finally understand my horses and their resistances, which we have been working on for many years. Alexandra has put that in a nutshell! Thanks for this. I wish all the people in the world would be educated about how horses really feel!

Larissa F.

I have been training horses for 20 years now and grew up with them, but the online seminar has opened new worlds for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift and hope to get the online seminar 2 “Advanced Knowledge” soon.

Karin H.

What a gifted way to handle horses. So full of life and ease! Thank you Alexandra König! The online seminar has really helped me! The relationship with my horses is now on a completely different level.

Sabrina E.

Dear Saliho Team, after many years of horsemanship training and more I have finally understood that more and more techniques and methods are being invented, which are exhausting because they work against the nature of the animal. Finally, someone who explains the “language” of the animals, and I could totally understand that in your online seminar 1 “Basic Knowledge”. I’m looking forward to more episodes! Thank you!

Martin K.

Hello Saliho School Team, thank you very much for the online seminar. It has moved worlds inside me in no time! THANK YOU!!

Carola T.

Hello dear Saliho team,
I would love to give brief feedback on the online seminar 1 “Basic Knowledge”: It is outstanding! I’m currently on a journey of self-discovery. It is like learning to walk again. I still often fall, but with every new step, that one can balance and walk with all your heart, is connected with joy and ease and the knowledge, that I have a wonderful horse full of pride and beauty! Thanks for this gift, I am looking forward to the second part of the online seminar.

Renate P.

This online seminar is incredibly awesome! I think I have never picked up so much and taken away so much.
Amazing! Thanks for this.

Isabelle S.