Dear Sandra! May you continue to show many people a good way to be with their horses and a way for their own personal development.
I myself was looking for it at the time. I became aware of you on the Internet. I have read a lot of the literature you recommended. Watched your videos. I wanted to know more about this woman, meet her and was lucky. In 2016 I booked a 6-day seminar with you. So this was the practice. You taught us a lot. Even today, I often read through your course materials.
The past year was a very good yea in being with my horse. I improved my body language. I got feedback from him and his small herd. Practised “letting go.” For once, not deciding every second where to go. Instead, let go and see what happens. A very nice, interesting thing. Especially when I think back to what you get back from the other side. I will continue. Someday I will book an online course with you. There are so many things where I am a bit behind. And you know the answer to many of them.
With these lines, I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to you. Keep up the good work.