Dear Sandra,

I have thought about you quite often in the last months and now is the time to act …!

I just wanted to let you know that your ‘being with us’ this summer, has triggered a lot inside me and Mirjam.

Almost everything has changed since then!

Both of us, Mirjam and I, have been through radiant-powerful but also dark-painful times processes since then.

Today we are not the same anymore, and we are doing so well. Perhaps my greatest transformation is, that despite the (seeming …!) imperfections of my horse Bonheur (and Poetin), I can see and feel his outer and inner beauty and perfection again! I have found my way back to him, and he to me.

Once again, I have been shown so clearly: If a change happens in me, a change happens in the world!

Sometimes it is very hard work (and I also do not always succeed) putting an end to blaming others, whining, complaining, or being a victim. To really take radical responsibility for my life and my experience seems to be the master exam in my life. But that is where my highest self and my soul want to go, to be the master of me and the life I live.

I simply wanted to thank you for what you have brought and still bring into our lives, for your being as you are and for your tireless service to spread consciousness and allow love!